lunedì 25 novembre 2013

Birthday tea party

 Saturday I organized a little meeting with my friends for my birthday, nothing really special but I wanted to celebrate it with them too! We went to our favorite bar 'cause I don't have enough chairs and space in my new home to organize a tea party (but I hope I can solve!) so we went there and ate and drunk hot tea and hot chocolate!

Jsk Aatp - Blouse,shoes, hair accessory Taobao - Jacket BPN - Tights Calzedonia

My outfit for the day! I still enjoy a lot wearing lolita clothes, I really need to buy some new ones 'cause I'm a bit bored of my other dresses, it's like 6 months I don't buy something lolita related. Nicola came to my home early (when I was still in pajama and without make up ahahah) so then we went together to Pescara.

Some group pics!

I also received beautiful presents, I'm so happy ToT thank you so much lovelies! I'll probably make a post with my last purchases and presents if you want to see them!

Lastly I would like to thank everyone who visited and followed my blog, it has recently hit 100.000 views, they are so many I didn't expect it, thank you to all!

mercoledì 20 novembre 2013

Falling leaves

Some few outfits from the past days. Firtsly one from Saturday when I went out with my boyfriend around local shops (and I found a cool pair of boots  that I bought....), the weather is really bad in this period so I decided to wear my new sweater from Bershka using it like a dress 'cause is really long and large, I love wearing this kind of things during fall and winter!

Heaband Spinns - Sweater, bag Bershka - Tights taobao - Boots Glad News

I wish my real hair had this beautiful color ._. anyone knows a good hair dye of this shade?

Then Sunday I went to Grazia's house for lunch, I wore a full Glavil outfit after a loooong time, it's really hard to create a new outfit with one brand when you haven't something new XD but at least I did it!

Sweatshirt, dress, necklace, belt Glavil - Choker Ghost of Harlem - Tights Avantgarde - Boots Glad News

Yesterday I went out for buying some cute things to decorate my desk (and finally it's really cute!). The weather is still really dark and grey, not the best to take outfit pics.

Ribbons Kreepsville666 - Choker Cute can kill - Dress Milk x Uniqlo - Cardigan Terranova - Tights gift - Shoes Ebay

Tomorrow will be my birthday, I feel so damn old XD but I'll come back home to my family and I hope to spend some good time with my relatives!

venerdì 15 novembre 2013

Overcast days

The time went so fast in this period, maybe because I have a lot of things to do? These are the outfits I wore in the past days, saturday I went for a rokku gyaru outfit for a little meet with my friends and I understood how I look doped with super heavy make up :°D it's not the best on me.

Dress, bag Glad News - Jacket Terranova - Boots Jeffrey Campbell - Leggings Taobao - Choker Ghost of Harlem

I recently got a lot of new things, I don't know if you are interested in a new haul post, let me know! The bag is one of my new things, I was searching for it a lot 'cause it went sold out on Glad News website in day? Luckily I found it brand new on mbok, lucky me! As you already noticed I came back to blonde, in reality they came back to it without doing anything XD.

We also made stupid pics, as usual, lol. Maybe someone remembers the period where Tumblr was invaded by pics like this from asian people.

On Thursday was the 6th anniversary with my boyfriend! The best occasion to eat without any shame ahah. We went to our favorite sushi restaurant and when we came home we ate a delicious chocolate cake!

Food porn pics are never enough!

And lastly yesterday's outfit. I went to university and finally I have the argument of my degree thesis! I'm so excited 'cause I really like it, it will be about the comparison of two gothic stories (one from Dickens and one from Gaskell) with the undertheme of persecution. A bit creepy like me, lol.

Headbow, dress h&m - Cardigan Glavil - Tights Taobao - Shoes Ebay

Something cute for a change. I love so much this dress, cats are always never enough for me! Also the tights are pure love, it won't be a problem to fill my whole house with only cat related things ahah.

domenica 10 novembre 2013

Review: sololita items

I recently got a parcel with some lovely items from the shop, they sell a lot of different items to create a lolita outfit without spending a lot of money! There is also a section with a lot of cute wigs! I was able to chose one item and one wig, this is what I chose (the bracelet was a lovely surprise!):

Let's start talking about the blouse.
The material is the classic cotton used for all the blouses, really soft and good. The size is perfect and yuo also have the back corset to adapt the meauserement perfectly! The buttons are round and in plastic. I forgot to make the pic but there is also a tiny bow to attach on the neck as you can see in the official picture. Sorry if the blouse has a lot of folds but I made the picture after I opened the parcel ahah! I really like blouses with simple design like this 'cause they are perfect with a lot of styles and dresses! You can find it HERE.

Some pics wearing it:

Headbow, skirt, socks Aatp - Necklace Reliquia Arcana - Shoes Taobao

The wig is surprisingly soft! I think it's the softer wig I have in my collection! It's super cute, the color is really special, the color is a bit brighter than the one in the pics but really lovely. I'm in love with the bicolor combination and it fits a lot of different styles! You can find it HERE.

Some pics wearing it:

Headband Lockshop - Necklace Glavil - Sweater Boy London - Skirt Listen Flavor - Tights,shoes Ebay

And lastly the little surprise they sent in my parcel! A lovely bracelet with an incorporate ring with a cute Venice mask and a butterfly. It's super cute and perfect with lolita style to add something different to the accessories. The measurement is adjustable so it fits a lot of different wrists. You can find it HERE.

Let me know what do you think about the review, the items and obviously the outfits!

martedì 5 novembre 2013

Lucca Comics & Games

Maybe you noticed my little absence from social networks the past days, but there was a good reason, I was in Lucca for the annual convention Lucca Comics & Games, the biggest convention in Italy! We left for it on Wednesday to arrange all our things, the travel was so exhausting, over 5 hours in the car x.x! We accomodated in a cute and big appartement inside Lucca, I was shocked when I saw how big the house was! Three bedroom, two bathroon, a big salon, a cuisine ad a big terrace with a lovely view of the town!

Lucca is such a lovely town *u*

The first day of the convention I dressed up simple 'cause I wanted to visit all the stands and buy the few things I wanted.

Hat h&m - Dress Jouetie - Tights,choker Taobao - Shoes Ebay

I wore some new things I got before I left, the Jouetie dress is so cute and cozy, a bit too short maybe XD also the tights are new and I love them!

The second day there was a Fashion Walk with some few organizers from other italian FW. I dressed up fairy for the first time and I don't feel really comfortable with it, I also look so bad in every pic 'cause I didn't sleep for two nights XD

With the adorable Clelia!

Dress, tights, shoes, choker taobao - Headband, bag Angelic Pretty

Bad picture of my outfit, lol

 Saturday I cosplayed Ririchiyo from Inu x Boku ss, does anyone know it? It's a really good anime with a lovely story! I'm waiting for some good pics of my cosplay, I hope I can share them soon! I also ate a yummy plate of takoyaki for dinner *u*.

 The same day we went to a concert, firstly we saw Cristina D'Avena, an italian singer of cartoon openings, then two totally unkown japanese bands, Master K and Chronos. I really appreciated Master K 'cause I love instrumental music especially if it's a mix between electronic and metal. Well...I didn't really like Chronos later XD their sound was not original and also the singer wasn't really good.

Sunday I felt ill like hell, fever and a lot of other not so good disturbs, so I decided to stay in bed and wait to come back home after lunch. I had a lot of fun also if there were a lot of negative aspects, but I was really happy to spend a weekend with my friends in a different way and meet a lot of people I couldn't see in a long time!